5 Homemade Sleeping Remedies

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Lack of sleep negatively affects your body. Imagine being stressed all day and still not be able to sleep properly at night or still feeling tired even though you slept. Sleeping disorders can be a hassle but it can still be managed. These sleeping remedies at home could be a better option than taking medicines.


Although exercise has proved tons of health benefits, it also affects your sleep. Regular exercise will let you sleep better at night. When working out, the body releases hormones that will help you relax and improve your state of mind.

You also improve your blood circulation with exercise. It is suggested to do workouts in the morning or hours before your bedtime so that you are not hyped up with energy. Doing some quick exercise routine

Change your diet

There are also foods that you can eat to improve your sleep. Eat foods that will help your body produce hormones that make you sleepy. Cheese, almonds, and bananas are rich in tryptophan which helps secrete serotonin. Add cherries to your diet as well since this is the only food rich in melatonin, the hormones that make you sleep.

Also, reduce foods or drinks that are rich in caffeine. Caffeine will spike up your energy level and will keep you awake all night. Try not to drink coffee in the evening to help you rest well at night.

Instead of drinking coffee at night, it is best to drink hot tea or milk. Hot milk has been proven to be a great sleeping enhancer. Drinking a glass of hot milk before going to bed is highly recommended by sleep experts.

Make Chamomile Tea

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This one is a sleeping remedy at home that you can try making. Brew yourself a nice chamomile tea to relax your body. Chamomile is like a light sedative that helps you relax and removes your stress and anxieties. You can rest better when you’re relaxed. 

Lavender Scented Candles

Again, having a calm mind will keep you from having sleeping problems. Light lavender scented candles in your room. The lavender smell also improves your mood and helps you relax when you sleep.

Change your room’s setting

The setting of your bedroom also affects your sleep. Make sure that you have a nice bed to sleep in so that you are comfortable in your sleep. Try to sleep in the dark and make sure that your room’s temperature is just right.

A pro tip in changing your room’s setting is to change your curtain. Having thick and dark curtains will help your room dim and will even lock in the temperature. So, whether you are turning up your air conditioner or your thermostat, thick curtains will keep the temperature just right in your bedroom.

Final Thoughts

These natural homemade sleeping remedies can improve your sleep in no time. With proper sleep schedule allocation, you will never have to struggle to have a bad sleep. Try these sleeping remedies today at home and you will not suffer from bad sleep anymore for the rest of your life. 

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