7 Natural Sleeping Remedies For A Sound Sleep

Natural Sleeping Remedies For A Sound Sleep

Although occasional sleepless nights are common in many individuals, lack of sleep for a long period of time can lead to sleeping disorders. If you are already isonomic, it’s high time to treat your condition. No doubt you can resort to medications and sleep aids; they can have a detrimental effect on your health. The best way to have a sound sleep is to take the help of natural sleeping remedies given below.

Follow A Sleep Routine

One of the simplest natural sleeping remedies is to follow a sleep routine. Sleeping at the same time at night every day and waking up at the same time each morning help establish a fixed internal rest & wake clock which eventually helps to sleep faster. So, set a fixed sleeping routine and follow it every day even on holidays.

Natural Sleeping Remedies
7 Natural Sleeping Remedies For A Sound Sleep

Try Acupuncture

Another good way to improve your sleeping patterns is by using acupuncture therapy. Acupressure refers to the act of stimulating some pressure points related to sleep. Two of the most important pressure points for better sleep are wind pool and inner frontier gate. While the former lies on the inner forearm just amid the two tendons, the latter lies on the back of the neckPress these points two times a day for 5 minutes to sleep better at night.

Opt For Natural Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin is a hormone released by the brain whenever we feel sleepy. Unwanted exposure to light disrupts the release of this hormone eventually making it difficult to fall asleep. So, it is recommended to sleep in a dark place. If other factors are causing difficulty in melatonin release, you can eat natural melatonin supplements.

Do Meditation Everyday 

Meditating for at least half an hour every day improves breathing patterns and relaxes the mind which eventually leads to sound sleep. Meditation also increases awareness and lets you concentrate better. You can try some breathing techniques while meditating. One can also rely on mindful meditation by focusing on the present.

Exercise Everyday

People who think sound sleep is important for health also understand how it is related to physical movement. It goes without saying those who aren’t physically active tend to face sleep disorders. Many of them feel sleepier during the day which subsequently makes them night owls. So, one of the best natural sleeping remedies for such people is to carry out a regular workout session. Do the session early in the morning or some hours before bedtime. Also, try to hit the bed at the same time daily to improve your sleeping patterns.

Stick To A Good Diet

effective And Natural Sleeping Remedies
7 Natural Sleeping Remedies For A Sound Sleep

What we eat directly affects our sleeping ability. That means eating the right food can help you sleep better. Go for carbohydrate-rich diet that includes whole grains. Munch on sunflower seeds and fruits like bananas to have a good dose of vitamin B6. Also, consume magnesium-rich foods including cashews, legumes, almonds, and dark green vegetables. It is advisable not to smoke or eat/drink caffeine-related food or drinks at night. Coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, and other such beverages can lead to nighttime wakefulness. Don’t forget to avoid sugary items or at least limit sugar intake so as to avoid uneven blood sugar levels.

Massage Regularly

Massaging various parts of your body in the evening or before bedtime improves circulation and helps you to sleep peacefully at night. Massaging calms the mind and also relaxes the body muscles which eventually lead to faster sleep. So, indulge in massage therapy at least thrice a week for a sound sleep. You can rely on oils like almond oil or vitamin E oil for massaging your body. Make sure to massage your head, joints, and feet to get a peaceful sleep.

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