Anti Snore Aid And More Facts About Sleep

Sleeping is as sound as it gets. And when you’ve had a rough day, hitting the sack is all you’ll want to do upon getting home. But no matter how good the condition of your room. Its lighting, temperature and all. If your roommate snores like a bulldozer digging through concrete, then you can suggest that he or she use an anti-snore aid. Take a look at our picks below. Also, read on about more facts regarding sleep.

Anti Snore Aid And More Facts About Sleep

Anti Snore Aid: Why Do We Snore

Let’s get down to the science of it. Snoring occurs when air is blocked or has trouble passing through your oxygen passageways. This includes your throat as well as your nose. Because air is unable to travel in and out the way it should, the passway creates a sound, vibrations, to be more specific.

These very vibrations are responsible for that eerie noise you hear when someone snores. They clash with loose tissue that clogs air passage.

Snoring And What It Means

For most, snoring occurs when we come home tired. Your body will want to get a large dose of rest. And when your body falls asleep tired, it usually brings you to deep sleep.

Similarly, in deep sleep, muscles tend to relax much more. Hence, the relaxing of the muscles in your air passageways. When this happens, you snore.

On the other hand, the case isn’t so with others. Snoring could be a sign or a symptom for something else.

Anti Snore Aid And More Facts About Sleep

Snoring may be a symptom of sleep disorder. Among these include sleep apnea. Sleep apnea should not be taken lightly. It is a disorder during sleep when breathing stops for short periods of time. What’s dangerous about it is that you are unconscious when these bouts occur.

Not being able to feel refreshed even after a full night’s sleep, loud snoring, sounds similar to gasps and even choking. These are symptoms of OSA. If not treated properly, it may lead to even more serious illnesses in the long run. Heart problems and high blood pressure are its major effects.

Aside from these, physical injuries can actually be caused by it. If OSA is left unchecked, everyday errands are open doors for its consequences. Falling asleep while driving and performing any strenuous activities will turn into accidents. Also, depression and anxiety are included in the list.

Other Reasons Why We Snore

Anti Snore Aid And More Facts About Sleep

Genetics. We’re not saying that snoring can be genetically transferred. However, what we mean is how your nasal tract is formed. If it is genetically abnormal (i.e. deviated nasal septum), then there’s the cause right there.

Second, breathing problems. Illnesses such as sinusitis prevent air from passing through your nostrils smoothly.

Your form and position when in slumber. It has been said that sleeping flat on your back may actually contribute to snoring. This can be avoided by sleeping on your side instead. Plus, make sure than your head is elevated. So don’t forgo those pillows. They’ll work wonders in stopping that annoying snort-like sound. *Wink

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