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Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep is the brainchild of former Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network star, Chris Cornell. According to the band’s official label for their origin: “Beauty Sleep is a collaboration between three talented individuals that have discovered a great shared artistic vision.” They state: “They come from varied walks of life, yet each possesses unique artistic talents. When talking about their origins, we realized they are all people who have had the experience of living life as their artist’s name suggests: to feel the joy, exhilaration, and awe while remaining grounded and in tune with themselves.”

Inspired by his experiences, Chris Cornell has created a musical world of wonder and awe. According to a song from their album: “Beauty Sleep” was inspired by his own death.


This music has been praised by critics all over the world. The band says: “Beauty Sleep is our musical homage to our friend, Chris Cornell. We took inspiration from his life and his work to create an album that combines his personal touch with a beautiful blend of new-age musical elements.”

A song from Beauty Sleep is called “The Sound of Miracles.” This song is described as a love song, a song about the power of forgiveness, and one about the true meaning of hope. Chris Cornell says: “The music on this album is very simple, but it is very profound.” According to critics, this song is inspiring, cathartic and a work of art.

Sleep for a healthy and productive mind
Sleep for a healthy and productive mind


The band has a website, where fans can learn more about the music, videos and the band. Fans can buy the CD album or download it for free. If you are unable to find the specific song or artist, the band says that “Beauty Sleep” will inspire you to create your own music.

From the official website of Beauty Sleep: “This album is an exploration of nature and man’s relationship with that which is natural, and also is a very personal record. In addition to exploring a connection between man and nature, we wanted to capture the feeling that you get when you step outside of your normal comfort zone and get into a different state of being.” The band adds, “As we are all naturally attracted to change, we decided to create a record that would give you that sensation.”

“Beauty Sleep” is produced by renowned producer, Cary Morrison. This is the same Cary Morrison that engineered the soundtracks for such award-winning films as “A Beautiful Mind”The Social Network.”

“Beauty Sleep” was released in the fall of 2020. Fans can download it from the band’s website for free.

Sleep for a healthy and productive mind
Sleep for a healthy and productive mind

According to Cindy Morrison, who produces most of the band’s albums, “The song ‘The Sound of Miracles’ is a love song about the power of forgiveness. It’s a song about coming back from a negative experience and moving forward with grace and hope.

“In the beginning, Cary was playing around with some ideas and lyrics that he had and came up with ‘The Sound of Miracles’ as an original song.” “I remember listening to that song to remind me of what my grandmother used to tell me when I was young.

“You can’t change the beauty of the world, but you can change your view of what’s beautiful. and be able to live in the beauty of the moment instead of the beauty of the past.”

Wrapping Up

“There’s no harm in going through tough times, you can go through hard times, you just have to remember that you are growing stronger every day.” “Beauty Sleep” is a song that many people have found inspiration and strength from. And it helps to inspire others to go through their own challenges.

According to Cary Morrison, “Beauty Sleep” is a record that “will make you think differently about life.” “It’s a song that shows hope.”

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