Can You Make Up For Lost Sleep On The Weekend

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You are not getting enough sleep then it can be bad for your health. It can lead you to some serious health issues. Many studies show that people who do get enough sleep suffer from health issues and sleeping disorders. Researchers found that people aged 65 or under if sleep less than 5 hours or even 5 hours at night have 65 percent higher death risk. People who sleep up 6 to 7 hours daily are safer from the people who sleep five or less than 5 hours. Can you make up the lost sleep during weekends and the answer to which is yes you can, but it does not have a positive impact on health?

Sleeping during weekends cannot reduce the negative health effects of not sleeping during the week. You can make up your sleep during weekends, but it is not beneficial for you.   

Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend
Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend

A study made in Sweden says that you can make up for the lost sleep during weekends if you are not able to sleep during the week. However, this is not beneficial as so try to sleep at least 6 to 7 hours daily, as it will benefit you in many ways. People who sleep 8 hours daily are healthy people, and thus, 8 hours of sleep is beneficial in a lot of ways. A night of healthy sleep will make your body healthy. You can be more productive at work when you sleep well as your brain works well.

Sleep deprivation during the week leads many health problems such as diabetics, and weight gain. A study made among young adults on sleeping routine found that there was no health issues or sleeping disorder as this was because they were sleeping well during the week.

Can You Make Up For Sleep Deprivation

Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend
Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend

Short sleep is risky for your health in many ways as it leads to numerous health issues. It can lead you to obesity, hypertension, stroke, and heart diseases. Eight hours of sleep is necessary for the human body. Long sleep is not also a good solution or is not the right way. Hence, with sleep deprivation during the week is not good for your health and the making up sleep during the weekends is also not beneficial. Short sleep duration can increase your stress level, and you may feel difficulty in solving your problems. Your neurons need sleep to work well. You may lead to several kidney diseases. When you do not get enough sleep, then it feels like torture. 

Hence, developing a sleep routine can be helpful in various ways. Thus, making up for a sleep loss is by setting up routine for your sleep. You can try a few things, such as:

  • Plan for adequate sleep.
  • Make your bed welcoming.
  • Try to leave your phone outside as it can help a lot.
  • Talk to your doctor if you do not feel sleepy late at nights.
  • Fix your time for sleep during the weeks and even during the weekends.
  • Try to create a sleep-inducing space.
  • Make sure that you commit to your set routine daily.
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