Great Eye Masks For A Restful Shut-Eye

Sleep is a natural circumstance we tend to disregard. Often, when we feel tired, stressed and fatigued, we immediately look towards external options. Energy supplements, energy drinks, and even caffeine. Instead of turning towards the most natural thing that rejuvenates the body, we do the opposite. Having trouble sleeping? An eye mask will help get you a restful night of Z’s.

Eye Mask For A Restful Shut-Eye

Eye Mask: Sleep 101

You may wonder if this is too basic to even ponder on. Well, because we often look past it, let’s take a trip down sleep 101. What it really is.

Sleep is when your mind and body go in a state of unconsciousness of the present surrounds, with a reduction in external bodily activities, and muscular and system processes.

Okay. We understand that you know what sleep is. We simply needed to give an introduction to what you’re about to read next. So keep on and keep reading.

Eye Mask For A Restful Shut-Eye

When we are in the natural state of sleep, our bodily systems rest just as we do. They don’t shut down completely. No. That would be fatal. But they do lessen their movements enough to give us that leeway to snooze the night away.

Additionally, some functions in our brain are less dormant when sleeping. In comes the balance our body brings us without us even knowing about it.

Sleep And Its Different Features

Sleep and your physiology. During this time, your intake of oxygen, your exhaling of carbon dioxide, blood sugar level and blood pressure are very much similar to when you are awake. Your physical body obviously ceases from being conscious of movement. At the same time, it ceases from being able to move out of our conscious command.

There are differences though, in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, also known as deep sleep and non-REM sleep. It’s fascinating because both are states of sleep. However, the way our cardiovascular and brain activity varies between the two. Depending on a number of factors which include the person’s current state of mind, health, and the person’s current environment.

Eye Mask For A Restful Shut-Eye

Our brains still work even when we travel to dreamland. For hundreds of years, scientists and researchers have debated about what happens to your brain when some shut-eye comes into play. In earlier researches, it has been said that the brain stops from working.

On the other hand, recent studies and more feasible shreds of evidence have proven otherwise. Our think tank actually still does its thing while we drift away into slumber.

Neuron firing is less in REM sleep. Nonetheless, our think tank works when the rest, well… rest.

Let’s talk a little bit about dreams. It’s still a phenomenon that isn’t 100% known and understood. However, based on researches, fully characterized dreams occur in REM sleep. Although, it should be noted that dreams also happen in non-REM. Everything and anything that happens in our reality, whether we are aware of them or not, may project themselves through dreams.

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