Eye Masks: Ensure Sleep With These Masks

Eye masks arrive as an aid to sleeplessness, puffy and strained eyes, allergy symptoms, and many more.  They work wonder for relieving muscle tension, pain, or strain in the area around the eyes. There are so many choices readily available for the prospective consumer that it could take some thought and research before a conclusion can be reached about what kind of eye mask to purchase. If you’re considering taking that chance into the world of owning an eye mask, these are some of the things that should be considered before you decide to shell out your hard-earned dollars on a brand new eye mask.

Eye Masks and Their Varieties

There four types of eye masks available in the market: facial eye masks, gel masks, sleep masks & aromatherapy masks. Each of these is functionally different through primarily block out the lights completely. This is the preferred mask for those who are trying to overcome sleeplessness or other types of sleep problems. Masks are chosen primarily on the basis of your condition. It can be sleeplessness, or something like sleep apnoea, painful eyes.

Price Of the Eye Masks

One of the greatest things about eye masks is their low cost. Considering the fantastic and satisfying results they’re able to produce, they’re the definition of a modest investment. Gel masks cost between $6 and $25, while aromatherapy masks are a tad bit more. Facial eye masks are the most expensive choice and costs between $20 to $75 per tube. However, once bought they last for a couple of months.

Material Matters

Sleep masks can be created from cotton, satin, foam, or synthetic fabric. Essentially, anything that is comfortable against the skin can be used for this type of eye mask. Gel masks consist of gel beads encased in rubber, vinyl, plastic, or gelatin. The choice of material should be based on durability more than anything else. Gel masks must be able to withstand cooling and heating in cold or hot water, microwave ovens, the refrigerator, or even the freezer. Since the gel beads potentially could leak, the encasing material should be strong enough not to perforate easily. Aromatherapy masks are very similar to sleep masks in their structure. But, they have herbal-scented pouches inside. You can easily remove it though, if you do not like that particular smell.

The Fit Story

Sleep masks and aromatherapy masks may not all be tailored to fit the eye contour. However, the heaviness or lightness of the fabric is essential because it will dictate whether or not the fabric will touch the eyelids, which some find soothing but others find distracting. They are the best choice for people who don’t like anything covering their sight. Lighter fabrics also work better for side sleepers because they perfectly sit on the eyes.

Is It Heavy?

Gel masks are generally somewhat heavy, which enables them to stay in place while they deliver their healing effects. Sleep and therapeutic masks vary in weight based on the kind of material that is used, and how much it weighs are based on personal preference. For many, a thicker mask pushing against the face has a calming effect on the body, while for other people a less heavy touch that is barely noticed is a lot more soothing.

Does Eye Masks Smell Good

The purpose of a therapeutic mask is that certain herbal scents can facilitate relaxation, clear clogged nasal passages, heal infected sinuses, and induce sleep. Chamomile, mint, and lavender are popular aromas among those who love scented masks, as each provides a pleasant smell with natural calmness-inducing components.

Overall Look

Eye masks can help your eyes rest on planes, at the office (during break time of course) or public places as well as the comfort of your own home. For those who care about appearance, some of the masks in the market are stylish.

Making Your Decision

If you have never used an eye mask before, start with a standard sleeping mask. It is possible that no matter how much thought you place into your buying process, the eye mask you end up buying might not even be the best choice at all.

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