Funny Sleeping Eye Mask Ideas That You Can Check Out

Funny Sleeping Eye Mask

Eye masks are a huge trend right now especially for the ones who are frequent travelers. Apart from that, people also use eye masks while sleeping at home, especially during the day. While the first eye masks started off with absolutely basic ones, the product now has a wide range with multiple varieties available pretty easily in the market. Ranging from scary masks to funny to basics, you can get absolutely anything. But, if you are looking for funny sleeping eye mask ideas, we have a few ideas that can get you going. Excited to know what these are? Let us find out!

Funny Eye Mask Ideas – Open Eyes Mask

A woman sitting on a bed with a cat

An open eyes mask is pretty ironic and also funny and a great way to fool people. If you buy the mask that has a colour that matches with your skin tone and eye color, it will be difficult for people to confirm at a glance whether or not you are sleeping. If the size of the eyes is bigger than usual, it might also look scary to some people. But overall, an open eye mask is indeed a funny one to buy.

‘Need More Sleep’ Eye Mask

What can be a better way than to tell the person who comes to wake you up than to tell them that you need more sleep just with your eye mask! It is a common thing among most people that no matter how much you sleep, you always feel like you need to sleep a bit more. So, if you fall among this category of people, you should immediately get this mask and sleep peacefully. Just imagine, surprising your mom in the morning with this mask! (Don’t blame us if you get a scolding afterwards)

‘I Don’t Do Mornings’ Eye Mask

No one actually does mornings, isn’t it? Quite sarcastically, mornings are the best time to sleep while nights are the ideal time to hop around and do the things that should have been done in the day. If you can relate to each and every word that we said, be rest assured, this eye mask is the perfect choice for you! This mask can add the exact amount of quirk and also a fun element to your sleeping time and would also make for great pictures that you can post on social media.

Winking Tortoise Eye Mask

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A rather common eye mask, this is a great mask for the adults who have grown up but aren’t ready to grow up just yet. Relatable enough? Good! Then this is the mask you should be going for. If you still love stuffed toys and animated movies and your life is everything about doing cute and quirky things, this is a great mask for you to buy!

Wrapping Up

If you are all set to buy an eye mask and get some peaceful sleep, look for these ones on online sites like Amazon or Etsy. You are sure to get them at a reasonable price and will also receive a great quality. If you are not much of an online buyer, you can also look for these in local shops. Given the high levels of demand, you are sure to get them some place or the other. 

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