Great Blankets For Great Sleep

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Fatigue and sleepless nights? It’s easy to go to supplements for a bit of a push towards Snoozeville. Especially if you’re a go-getter whose days are full of rush. Rush at home at work. However, why not go for other alternatives? A warm glass of milk. A warm bath. Even a warm blanket. They’ll work wonders in helping you have quality and sound sleep.

Sleeping Blanket: Better Sleep And Other Sleep Info

Blanket: Simple Ways You Can Do To Sleep Tight

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. The first is a must after the sun goes down. It’s inevitable that our bodies will need to recharge at the end of every day. The last part, well, that depends. And we’re hoping bed bugs are the least of your problems.

But the line in between. If sleeping tight is something you have trouble having? There are a few ways you can “trick” your brain and body into preparing it for a restful night.

A warm drink. Except for caffeine and other sweet drinks, of course. We’re referring to having yourself a glass of warm milk. The temperature of the beverage will calm your spiked and active nerves. Milk contains neurotransmitters than trigger “serenity” in our brains. It’s scientifically proven.

Also, check your position on your bed. Slip into your most comfortable sleepwear. Make sure that your pillow is elevated enough so that your head will be slightly higher than the rest of your body. But not too elevated to cause strain on your neck and shoulders.

Moreover, do NOT lie flat on your back. Instead, turn to the side. This way, your breathing will be even when you slumber. Thus, lessening the chances of suddenly waking up when your body senses it’s having difficulty breathing.

Sleep Information That Will Definitely Amaze You

Sleepless nights and weight gain. Lack of sleep often leads to an imbalance in your bodily systems as well as in the process of metabolism. When you aren’t able to get some good shut-eye, it’s likely that your body won’t function as normally and quickly as it typically does. A slowing down in processes will ultimately lead to weight gain.

Equivalent to this, sleeping can help you shed a pound or two! We know, we know. We also found out just now. So don’t skip a night’s rest.

Nap time. Forget 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Or even 20 minutes. The most effective duration for a power nap is 26 minutes. NASA has backed up this information so we believe it a hundred percent. For days when you just can’t seem to get yourself on your toes, do a 26-minutes nap. You’ll feel refreshed and alert once you wake up.

REM-talk. Rapid Eye Movement is a state of sleep when the latter is at its deepest. Surprisingly, when you are in the REM state, your brain is as active as it is when you fully awake and conscious.

Our conclusion? Don’t skip on sleep because you need it more than you know.

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