How To Get A Better Night’s Rest

How To Sleep Well

In today’s world, most of us struggle to have sound sleep. Not having enough sleep can affect the mental as well as physical health. Poor sleep is one of the most common factors we face nowadays. It affects our performance be it at work or be it at home. If anyone is facing the problem of how to sleep well then this shows that the quality of nap is poor and not adequate. Poor sleep has a lot of negative effects on our body and mind. There are a number of ways we can manage our slumber and take benefits out of it. Let’s discuss the ways of how to sleep well.

Scheduling On How To Sleep Well

First and the foremost point is to set a strict schedule. This means that there should be a fixed time to go to bed and to get up in the morning. Sleeping at the same time every day and getting up at the same time in the morning has proven to be beneficial for body and mind. You feel more relaxed and more energetic the next morning. Having proper sleep also leads to improved productivity at work. Always follow this scheduling practice on your off days as well.

How To Sleep Well
How To Sleep Well


Religiously follow the routine of doing the exercise early in the morning. Start it with 15-20 min first, slowly you can increase the time of exercise. Exercising daily in the morning helps you get enough quality nap. Having a sound and quality of sleep is a must. Morning workouts like yoga and cardio not only build strength but also improve the quality of sleep.


Have you ever thought that food can also affect sleeping? Definitely yes, it does affect the sleeping pattern. What did you eat before going to bed? If you had something spicy before bed it will not let you rest properly. You tend to get up a lot of times in the middle as it may cause acid-reflux and heartburn. It definitely affects the sleeping pattern. So make sure before going to bed have something light and less spicy. Try to have dinner 2-3  hours before going to bed so that food gets digested properly and you do not face any problem while sleeping.

Screen Time

Start reducing the screen time for better slumber. Limit yourself to screen an hour before bedtime. Keep aside your cell phones, laptops, TV an hour before. The light coming out of the gadget confuses the brain that it’s not the sleeping time yet and affects the sleeping schedule.

Light Music / Reading A Book

One of the best therapies to nap well during nights is to play light music or Read a book. Before going to bed try to read a light book or play soothing music that will definitely help you get a sound rest.

How To Sleep Well
How To Sleep Well

Lukewarm Water Therapy: A Fool-proof Method to Sleep Well

This therapy will definitely help you in sleeping properly. Before going to bed take a bath in lukewarm water this will help in relaxing muscles and also let you sleep properly.

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