How To Sleep Better At Night

Goodnight’s sleep is as important as water and food for the body. Anyone suffering from insomnia needs to know how to cure it. Poor sleep has a negative effect on our bodies.  It affects hormones, brain function, and exercise performance. Weight gain and diseased body is also its side effect. The problem is not just with adults, children are also becoming its victim. In recent years, the quality and quantity of sleep have deteriorated. So to reduce that excess weight and increase hormonal activities it’s necessary to know how to sleep better at night.

How To Sleep Better At Night
How To Sleep Better At Night

Tips To A Good Night Sleep

  1. Stay more under natural white light during the day. This helps the body to stay awake during the day and hence sleep more at night. Recent research shows that if an adult is exposed to sunlight for 2 hours during the day, he gets an increased amount of sleep by 2 hours and increased sleep efficiency by 80%.
  2. Avoid blue light in the night. This light tricks the brain at night that it is still day time. Electronic devices emit blue lights. Reduction of blue light can be done by wearing glasses that block blue light. Install an app on the phone or laptop that blocks blue light.  Switch off the TV or stop using the laptop or smartphone two hours prior to sleeping.
  3. Stop consuming caffeine late in the day. Caffeine intensifies focus, energy, and performance. Too much blue light at night stimulates the nervous system and limits our body from sleeping well at night. Caffeine should not be consumed 6 hours before bed.
  4. Reduce daytime nap. Short naps are helpful. Nap for no more than 30 minutes. Long or irregular naps have a negative effect on our bodies. This may lead to less of it at night.
  5. Try to maintain sleeping and waking time.  Being consistent with timings improves sleeping quality at night.
  6. For major sleeping, issues take a melatonin supplement. Melatonin is a hormone that tells the brain when it is time to relax. The supplements help us to sleep faster and for a longer period. However, don’t forget to see the doctor before starting any medication.
  7. Alcohol also affects slumber. Alcohol may increase the symptoms of sleep apnea and brain chemistry.
  8. Set the bedroom temperature which enhances sleeping quality. Too hot or too cold temperature affects it. Around 24C is optimum for comfortable good night sleep.
  9. Avoid eating late in the evening. Eating late at night increases obesity, release less melatonin and reduction in the natural release of HGH. Food should be consumed at least 4 hours before sleeping.
How To Sleep Better At Night
How To Sleep Better At Night


It may be quite late when one understands the benefit of a good night’s sleep. Relaxing, taking bath before bed, a comfortable mattress and a happy heart are all one needs to fall asleep peacefully. Value your body before it is too late.

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