Memory Pillows And Other Tips For Sleepless Nights

Is it the cushion? The lighting in the room? Your pillows? Or maybe the fact that you drank 2 cups of coffee today? You won’t have to be confused any longer. Below is our list of tips on how to catch sheep and get a good night’s rest. That, and have yourself a memory pillow. You won’t know the wonders it can work for you unless you try it out.

Memory Pillow: Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Lighting. Dim the lights when you sleep. Or better yet, turn them off. It’s a way of sending signals to your brain and tell it that it’s time to call it a day. Plus, dimming or turning off the lights is also a kind of hoax for your brain that it’s night time, even when you’re indoors.

To do this though, switch off your gadgets that emit blue light. These include your handhelds, tablets and the like. Also, teach yourself to not do any activity in the said devices before you get some sleep. Condition your mind and body to know when to stop using these devices.

Memory Pillow And Other Tips For Sleepless Nights

Coffee early on and not later. If you’re a coffee drinker, watch when you drink your cup of coffee. Don’t drink it close to when you’re about to sleep. Give it a few hours. Or better yet, just have it during the day. Once the sun goes down, well, that’s your cue to stop.

Set a regular sleep time. You can condition your body to know when it’s time to sleep by setting a fixed schedule for slumber, nightly. Even if you feel like you’re still wide awake and are still able to do so many things, stop yourself. Head to the bedroom. Dim the lights. And go to sleep. Muscle memory and conditioning will teach your body to have regular hours of sleep.

Avoid alcoholic drinks. If you want to catch some Z’s tonight, then maybe a night out with friends should be postponed for another time. Alcoholic drinks (in certain amounts) can cause irregular sleep patterns. So save the date for those cocktails for a different night.

More Tips To Catch Z’s

Memory Pillow And Other Tips For Sleepless Nights

Temperature. It’s been said that lower temperature is more likely to aid us in getting sleep, rather than higher temperature. If your room is quite warm, purchase a small fan.

Or, during summers, set the AC temperature between 18 to 22 degrees, That will be comfortable enough, but not too cold. Of course, adjust according to preference.

Late night and midnight snacking are no-nos. Our bodily systems become active in order to process the food we ingest. If you want a high chance of catching Z’s earlier, don’t eat so close to the time you’re about to sleep. Let your systems simmer down and get ready for rest, too.

Warm Bath. Warm Shower. You’re probably thinking that this is an old wive’s tale. However, there’s evidence behind it. A warm bath can relax the body. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t feel like bathing, soak your feet in warm water. This is just as good an alternative as any other.

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