No Sleep: An Alarming Issue

No Sleep Or Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest problems of today. Generally, on an average, adults need to have a sleep of around 7-8 hours. And on the other hand kids need to have a sleep of at least 9 hours, but we are lacking in our sleep time why? There are lots of reasons for this stress: surfing your phone, wasting valuable time binge-watching content and the list goes on.

Lack of sleep can lead to serious problems like physical problems, psychological problems and have a serious impact on our health, our work, our relationship, and general well being.

Reasons For Lack Of Sleep

Reasons why so many people are sleep deprived, one of the main reasons is work.  Adults who are working does not have enough time to take rest. Work is the foremost killer. People who prefer sleeping 6 hours or less on weekdays or work every day for 12 hours or more then they are more prone to health issues. if you are working for 8 hours and 3 hours in commuting in heavy traffic, you are left with only 13 hours to sleep, eat and live the rest of your life. If in case you work for more than 8 hours a day you may not have time to do anything else.

There are lots of other things that distract us from sleeping. Some people do not like to sleep and prefer to spend their time watching TV, surfing the Internet and other things.

The environment plays an important role in sleep deprivation. If the environment is too noisy or too bright, one can easily lose slumber.

No Sleep Or Lack Of Sleep
No Sleep Or Lack Of Sleep

Stress, lifestyle changes, new environment or anxiety also leads to sleeplessness. Also, trying to adjust in a new office or college with varying work schedules can cause issues.

People nowadays face a lot of problems related to joint pains because of which they are not able to doze during the night.

Eating habits also impact sleeping routine. Youngsters now days have habits of eating junk food at night which leads to less sleeping time.

No Sleep Or Lack Of Sleep
Lack Of Sleep: An Alarming Health Condition

Competition with peers, competition with classmate also affect sleeping behavior. People tend to work day and night to compete with others and get into the situation of insomnia

People who are not in the habit of doing exercise generally face the problem while sleeping

Insomnia is often linked to serious accidents as well as poor jobs and school performances; it disrupts the brain’s ability to balance emotions and ability to think which causes sleeplessness.


Sleeping is as important for a body as waking up. A little change in lifestyle can solve this problem. Humans are generally resistant to change. But, if a change can bring a huge difference then it becomes necessary. Regular exercise, good eating habit, the balance between work and rest are some of the key elements which can give a healthy life. Doctors always recommend these changes to a patient suffering from sleep deprivation.

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