Proven Methods For A Good Sleep : Beauty Sleep

Sleep Disorders: Causes & Their Types

Why Do We Need Good Sleep?

Good rest is the key to a healthy lifestyle. This is because proper sleeping patterns ensure the proper functioning of the brain. Insufficient amounts of sleep or the inability to sleep can lead to severe health problems and must be treated at the earliest.

Doctors recommend at least 6-8 hours of rest regularly for adults. This nap should be unbroken. Only then can the adult brain function to its full capacity. There are many ways in which sleep can be induced. Below, we have listed some common tips to ensure a sound sleep.

Avoid Stimulants

Having warm beverages like tea and coffee before bedtime can hinder a good night’s rest. They have stimulants which make the body active. It is, therefore, unable to switch off and take a rest. Hence one should always avoid tea, coffee and similar chemicals that can act as stimulants.

Proven Methods For A Good Sleep : Beauty Sleep
Proven Methods For A Good Sleep: Beauty Sleep

Have A Proper Sleep Schedule

Sleeping at any time of the day is considered to be very harmful. This proves problematic because the body is too rested and cannot rest during the night. It is better to avoid sleeping all through the day and instead go to bed straight at night. This will then ensure unbroken, restful sleep.

Calm Down

The mind has trouble shutting down if you have been immersed in activities all day and suddenly go to bed. Even if you go to bed on time, you will lie awake unless your brain has calmed down sufficiently. Indulge in slow, relaxing activities before you go to sleep. This can be a relaxing bath or even slow music or reading a book. You can also write journals before going to bed. Such slow activities help our brain to relax and one can then have a good night’s sleep.

Do Not Exercise

Exercising, otherwise, a very healthy habit can prove to be very problematic if you are trying to fall asleep. Always make sure that you finish your exercise schedule at least three to four hours before going to bed. Exercising activates your brain and you cannot fall asleep immediately after that. To have a good rest, do not exercise anytime at night. This includes all kinds of exercises, including yoga!

Do Not Look At The Clock

In case you cannot fall asleep or your nap has broken in the middle of the night, do not stare at the clock in your room. This may only increase stress. Counting seconds makes your brain anxious and it cannot switch off after that. Hence, if your resting breaks, you will have a hard time going back to that good sleep you were having.

Proven Methods For A Good Sleep : Beauty Sleep
Proven Methods For A Beauty Sleep

One of the most common sleep deprivation diseases that are prevalent all over the world is insomnia. People suffering from insomnia are unable to register simple instructions in their brain and therefore cannot assess a situation and act accordingly. Recent studies show that almost 30-40% of adults suffer from insomnia. A night of restful sleep is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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