Reasons Why People Should Visit A Sleep Clinic

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The Need For Sleep Clinic

Doctors recommend at least six to eight hours of sleep for adults and roughly ten to twelve hours for children. This sleep should be unbroken and restful so that the body can function properly. However, a lot of people these days suffer from irregularities or disorders when it comes to sleeping. This is where a sleep clinic might come in handy.

Why You Should Go To A Sleep Clinic
Why You Should Go To A Sleep Clinic

A sleep study, also called polysomnography is the study of sleep patterns in a human being to detect irregularities in the same. This test records sleep patterns and help detect and diagnose sleep problems.

Sleep disorders must be detected and treated at the earliest to avoid long term effects. This is the reason why you should immediately run to your nearest sleep clinic, to have this problem diagnosed.


Your doctor might ask you to visit a sleep clinic if he believes that you have narcolepsy. This is a condition where the patient feels constantly drowsy throughout the day and keeps falling asleep especially in a relaxed ambience. Polysomnography will monitor your sleep cycles and provide a solution to this.

Health Issues

Irregularities in your sleep can have other, more serious repercussions. It may lead to constant fatigue and you may oscillate from restlessness to drowsiness. Furthermore, it may mess with your eating habits, thereby making you obese. A lot of heart diseases also come about as a result of sleep disorders. Your body stands a risk of heart attacks or diabetes or other blood pressure problems. Polysomnography at a reputed sleep clinic can help sort out these disorders.

Mental Health Issues

A sleep disorder can also affect your mental health considerably. It may lead to anxiety and/or restlessness. A person might suffer from mood swings and find difficulty in concentrating on work. It may also lead to depression and other cognitive impairments. All of this then contributes towards poor performance in your work field. A sleep study can help monitor sleep irregularities and this is why one must visit a sleep clinic.

REM Behavior Disorder And Sleep Clinic

When we sleep, our mind oscillates between cycles of Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stages. The latter is the stage where we have our dreams. REM behaviour disorder is a unique disorder where a person physically acts out the dream despite being asleep. This may become problematic because they might hurt themselves by mistake and/or wake others up from their sleep constantly. A sleep study at a proper sleep clinic will carefully examine and modify your sleep patterns.

Why You Should Go To A Sleep Clinic
Why You Should Go To A Sleep Clinic

A striking majority of the world’s population has a sleep disorder of some kind. This may not always be serious disorders like insomnia or sleep neap. Sleep disorders are harmful because they, in turn, cause other imbalances in the body. These may be hormonal imbalances or eating disorders or neurological disorders.

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