Sleep Disorders: Treating Insomnia

Sleep Disorders: Insomnia needs to be a cure

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes difficulty in falling asleep. People who are not able to sleep are more likely to suffer from insomnia. Following are the symptoms if someone is suffering from it:

1.    Difficulty in sleeping

2.    Waking up at night and trouble going back to sleep

3.    Feeling tired

Sleep Disorders: Insomnia needs to be a cure
Sleep Disorders: Insomnia needs to be a cure

Types Of Insomnia

There are two types of insomnia:

Primary insomnia: It means that a person is not able to sleep or facing difficulty rising is not associated with any other health problem.

Secondary insomnia: It means that a person is facing difficulty while sleeping because of a health condition like asthma, depression, or alcohol, etc.

Acute Vs. Chronic Insomnia

It also depends on its occurrence and time duration. Acute insomnia is for short-term and can last from one night or too few weeks. Its frequency can vary and can come and go. Chronic sleeplessness means when someone is facing difficulty in sleeping atleast three nights in a week for more than three months.

Sleep Disorders: Insomnia needs to be a cure
Sleep Disorders: Insomnia needs to be a cure


Causes of acute insomnia :

1.    Major life stress problems (job stress, heartbreak, death of a beloved, divorce)

2.    Illness

3.    Discomfort from emotions

4.    Irritation for noise, or extreme temperatures

5.    Medications used for treating colds, high blood pressure, allergies, and depression also affect sleep.

6.     Change in daily sleep schedule

Causes of chronic insomnia include:

1.    Depression  or anxiety

2.    Chronic stress

3.    Pain


If you feel that you are suffering from it, there is a need to give attention and consult to your doctor. A detailed evaluation will consist of knowing your medical history, physical exam and a sleep history disorder. You have to note down your sleeping pattern, how frequent you woke up, and feelings in the day time or after sleep.


Acute insomnia is not a severe illness and may not require treatment. With good sleeping habits, one can prevent or cure difficulty in sleeping. If your insomnia is worsening and not allowing you to function correctly like feeling sleepy or tired during day time, you need to go to your health care expert and can take sleeping pills for a shorter period of time. Some drugs prescribed by your consultant will help you avoid effects such as drowsiness or dizziness.  You should not use sleeping pills for long or overdose; it will have side-effects and will tend to lose its impact at the longer run.

Good Sleep Habits

Good sleeping habits are must in a today hectic schedule; it avoids many diseases and helps you in living a comfortable life. It is also known as sleep hygiene, which helps you to take good sleep at night and beat it. Following are some of the tips:

1.    Make your sleeping schedule and follow it.

2.    Avoid short naps at day time. It also reduces sleeping cycle.

3.    Avoid usage of mobile at night.

4.    A night walk will help you to lower down stress and sleep well.

5.    An early rise will make you feel better.

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