Sleep Disturbance Issues: Ways to Curb It

Persisting Problems: Common Sleep Disturbance Issues

Why Do We Need Sound Sleep?

A sound sleep is essential for the body to function properly. All bodily functions rely heavily on a restful, unbroken sleep of at least six to seven hours. Doctors suggest a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep for adults and ten hours for children. Sleep disturbance can cause a lot of mental as well as physical ailments. Any barriers towards a proper sleep must be immediately eliminated since the brain needs ample rest to function to its full capacity. Therefore, sleep disturbance should be avoided.

While disorders like insomnia or sleep apnea need to be diagnosed properly and treated by a professional, a lot of people even without these disturbances have difficulty falling asleep. There may be several external factors causing this. While we may be unaware of such factors, they influence our sleeping patterns quite unconsciously.

No Noise

If the room you sleep in, has a lot of noise, then it may lead to sleep disturbance. This is usually the case with rooms that face the main road and get heavy traffic at all times of the day and till late hours at night. If you are sleeping in this room, then chances are that your sleep is inconsistent and insufficient for your body. Sleep constantly gets broken if you are in a noisy room. Therefore, it is best to sleep in some room that filters the noise from outside and is therefore quiet.

Strong Smell

It has been noted that sleep disturbance can be caused by strong odors. Irrespective of whether such a smell is pleasant or unpleasant, the brain, to detect this smell, wakes up thereby causing a break in sleep.

Fast Food

This is yet another very important cause of sleep disturbance. Eating junk food or heavy meals just before you go to sleep is not a very good idea. It may then take your body a long time to fall asleep and/or you may keep waking up in the middle of the night. A light meal, had at least an hour or two before sleeping is the best and ensures a peaceful sleep.


Doctors have discovered this sound to be very stress-inducing. If you have a clock in the room where you are sleeping, then looking at it while you are going to sleep is a terrible idea. This causes anxiety in our brain and it is unable to switch off. Similarly, if your clock makes loud ticking sounds, then you may also find it difficult to fall asleep because that sound causes the brain to be on the alert. It is then difficult for it to switch off and fall asleep.

We have all experienced difficulty in falling asleep at some point in time. It may be because of stress-causing thoughts or due to body aches or any such temporary issues. At any rate, with the elimination of the root of stress, the body also relaxes and can go back to its normal, healthy sleeping patterns. Such unbroken, restful sleep is essential for healthy living.

Persisting Problems: Common Sleep Disturbance Issues
Persisting Problems: Common Sleep Disturbance Issues
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