Sleeping Position For Couples – How To Improve The Bonding

Sleeping Position for Couples

Humans already love sleeping, and then adding to it the love and warmth of your partner as you cozily sleep together is just eternal bliss! How you and your partner curl up in bed says a lot about your relationship. Some people like sleeping entangled with their partners. Some just like to hold hands while some prefer having their own space while sleeping. Honestly, any of these are just fine. It is, after all, yours and your partner’s call to make. Here are some positions for you to choose the best Sleeping Position For Couples.

What  Are Sleeping Position For Couples?

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If you would like to choose the best sleeping position of all, you should have an understanding of the sleeping positions available in the list.

Spooning – The most common and cozy position to sleep in. There’s always going to be cute disputes about who gets to be the ‘little spoon’. The little spoon is scooped inside the significant other’s embrace, making you feel warm and protected. 

Loose spoon: The loose spoon is just the less restricted version of spooning where the distance between the partners is a bit more. 

Back to back – This position is best for couples who like the feeling of their loved one’s touch as they sleep and need their space. This position is where only your backs touch as both of you sleep, keeping the hands, face, chest free and open. 

More Ideas

Head on the shoulder – This is a very intimate position to sleep in. Keeping your head on your partner’s shoulder as they partly hug you while you fall asleep.  

The leg hug: Sleeping independently but wrapping your leg around your partner is another adorable way to sleep in. 

Intertwined: This position is where you tightly hug each other as well as intertwine your legs. This is the closest, intimate and romantic position to sleep in. 

Do Sleeping Position For Couples Make A Difference?

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Sleeping in different positions might say or describe your relationship. But not entirely. It is often assumed that couples who sleep far apart are falling out of love or don’t completely trust each other. But it is not true in all cases. You can love your partner unconditionally and still choose to sleep far away in your own space. There is nothing wrong with that. Sleeping apart from each other can also mean that the relationship is very strong, and both the individuals do not depend on each other. 


Sleeping positions for couples are not the benchmark of the relationship’s rough or smooth patches. Every individual has their way of sleeping, and they might like to stick to that, or they won’t sleep well. Some sleeping positions can affect your health in some ways. And that is the only thing you should be worried about. Just because your partner likes to sleep away from you does not mean they love you less or have trust issues. A relationship is about much more than that. Love your partner and care for them is what will keep the relationship healthy and happy. 

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