Sleeping Remedies for Babies

Sleeping Remedies for Babies

Sometimes, your baby may get very fussy or cranky. They find it tough to go off to sleep. Here are some sleeping remedies for babies.

Massaging with Mandarin Oil

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This oil has calming effects on a baby. It is a great night time alternative for cranky and fussy babies. Some babies are irritated by the scent of lavender, but Mandarin oil soothes them. It has a sweet scent that is better than other orange varieties, as it is not phototoxic. It can be diluted and applied directly on the skin without causing any skin irritation.

Singing to your baby

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Sometimes, your baby might get disturbed due to loud music, sounds, lights or crowd. In such cases, it is best to take your baby in a quiet room and sing him/her a soothing lullaby. This might help to put  your baby to sleep.

Dimming the Lights

Have you tried dimming the lights and making your baby wear comfortable clothes? Sometimes, your baby may not be able to sleep if they are feeling suffocated or stuffy. Make them wear lose cotton clothes and dim the lights a bit. These might relax your baby.

Take your baby for a drive or a stroll in the pram

A soothing movement may sometimes help to put them to sleep. Try taking the baby out for a drive in their car seat and put on some light music. You can also try taking your baby for a stroll in their pram.

Massaging with Lavender oil or putting some oil on baby’s clothes

Extracted from the lavender plant, this essential oil has a powerful impact on an anxious and stressed mind. Lavender fragrance lowers the blood pressure and heart rate. It restores the nervous system and calms the nerves. It also helps to improve sleep quality. It should be applied on the wrists, temples or used as a carrier oil for a full body massage.

Pour some chamomile oil in baby’s belly button

Chamomile tea is popularly used to calm a stressed mind and reduce anxiety. It also helps to reduce inflammation of the digestive tract. When you use chamomile essential oil with a carrier oil, you get a very calming essential oil that can be used on the belly button to calm your nerves.

Warm Bath

Sometimes, a warm bath or a sponge may relax a cranky baby and put them to sleep. You can sponge the baby with luke warm water, dry it completely and apply some body lotion. This might make the baby relaxed and sleepy.

End Note

Even after all these remedies if your baby is still not sleeping, you should consult a doctor immediately. Perhaps, your child is cranky or unable to sleep because of some other problem. Try feeding the baby to sleep or ask your pediatrician for the right diagnosis. Colic also is one of the reasons that dissuades babies from sleeping. Perhaps a colic syrup might help.

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