Snore Mouth Guard And More Facts About Sleep

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Earplugs and anti snore aids. You might have read about them in our other posts. If snoring is a perennial you or your roommate have been having, don’t worry. There’s another solution to it. Snore mouth guard. Read on and find out how they work. Also, we have surprising facts about sleep that will keep you from underestimating this natural bodily state.

Snore Mouth Guard And More Facts About Sleep

Snore Mouth Guards: What Are They?

Considered an oral snoring gadget or device, it can aid in stopping a person from snoring. Granted that you or your roommate have already visited a physician to make sure that its cause isn’t a major sleep disorder that needs to be treated differently.

If your snoring is because of extreme tiredness during the day, improper sleeping positions, and other breathing difficulties, then you can definitely consider this tool. How does it work? It prevents your tongue from sliding back when you sleep.

When your tongue is at the back of your throat or when your jaw is tensed, your air passageway becomes obstructed. Through the help of mouth pieces, this can be avoided. Your tongue position and jaw closure will be aligned normally, allowing oxygen to pass through easily.

Surprising Sleep Facts

All it takes is seven to eight minutes for you and I to fall asleep. You only think it takes longer because time feels relative when we’re not doing anything (lying down and waiting for sleep to hit us). But yes, it takes less than ten minutes for sheep to start jumping over our heads.

In relation to this, any less than that amount of time means that you lack sleep from the night before. If you’ve had a late night, then hitting the sack will come quicker than you think. And it’s a natural response of your body, so no need to be alarmed.

Snore Mouth Guard And More Facts About Sleep

Give all moms the love and appreciation you’ve got because they deserve it! Mother’s are deprived of at leased forty-six percent of proper sleep because of their mothering duties. Taking care of the household (and working at the same time, for those who do) is not at all an easy feat. So to the supermoms out there, we salute you!

Additionally, new mommies lose about six to seven months’ worth of sleep due to the care and attention they give their newborn babies. On the other hand, some studies show that new daddies lose more sleep than their lovely wives. Interesting, isn’t it?

Furthermore, traveling affects sleep regularity. Those who are jet-setters, or who simply travel a whole lot because of work… their sleep pattern is negatively affected because of constant travel. To add, they may be more at risk of sleep disorders than those who travel less.

For this scenario, always make sure to proactively set a sleeping schedule where you have to already be in bed by a certain time. This way, you’ll be able to retrain your body to sleep normally and regularly despite having to always be on the road (or sky).

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