Top 4 Proper Sleeping Positions to Stay Healthy -

Top 4 Proper Sleeping Positions to Stay Healthy

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The significance of sleep is far greater than catching seven hours of sleep. If you are not getting deep sleep or dealing with some injury then it is time for you to change your sleeping position. Each position has different types of benefits as it plays a vital role in our everyday health. When you are having health problems or pain then, changing your sleeping position might help you to get some much-needed sleep.

However, it is difficult to suddenly alter your sleep position. So, you need to do it gradually and train yourself to sleep in a certain position that can be the answer to your sleeping problems. You can also modify your sleep position to get better-quality sleep. But, comfort is the first thing that comes with getting a goodnight’s sleep. Therefore, you don’t have to pressurize yourself with these four sleeping positions. You just have to be aware of it and do what’s best for your body.

Fetal Position

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It is the most popular sleeping position for a lot of beneficial reasons. 

  • Sleeping in a fetal position can give you relief from your lower back pain or if you are pregnant. It can also help decrease snoring. 
  • With its advantages, sleeping in a fetal position brings some disadvantages too. You have to ensure that you are sleeping in a relatively loose posture with extended legs. Otherwise, you will end up not having enough deep breaths in your sleep.
  • If you have issues with stiffness or joint pain, then sleeping in a fetal position might leave you a sore body in the morning.  

Laying Flat on your Back or Belly

Whereas laying on your back gives you the most advantages related to your health, sleeping on your belly might cause you mostly pain. 

  • Though sleeping on your stomach might help with sleep apnea or snoring, it also causes back and neck pain along with futile joint and muscle pain. You can place a pillow under your belly to stem off the back pain.
  • On the other hand, laying flat on your back can reduce knee and hip pain and protect your spinal cord better. In this position, your spine remains even with the curve of your body due to gravity.
  • You can also use pillows under your knees to keep the even alignment and pressure off of your joints. Gravity also works for your skin and keeps it wrinkle-free.
  • However, sleeping on your back can be difficult for sleep apnea or snoring. You also have to ensure that you are properly positioned to avoid any existing back pain.

Sleep on the Side

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It can be pretty good for you to sleep on your left side as it helps with your digestion and helps you relieve heartburn. But, research states that sleeping on your right side can cause you acid reflux and increase heartburn. That is why it is always good to alternate your sides while you are sleeping.

On the flip side, it can increase stiffness in your shoulders and your jaw tightens on that side. It can give you wrinkles too. To get a reprieve from your hip pain, you can put a pillow between your legs.


These are the top four sleeping positions but, if you are not having any problem then you do not need to change anything. Remember to do what’s best for your health and to wake up well-rested.

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