Ways To Relieve Sleep Apnea

Remedies For Reducing Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a health condition which makes you stop breathing for a short interval of time while sleeping. People with sleep apnea face the issue of not taking in enough oxygen. This causes them to feel suffocate and wake up suddenly. In many cases, people are unaware of the fact that there breathing is stopped and feel they are in normal sleep mode. Sleep apnea will cause snoring. Sleep apnea can cause many health issues and make you feel stress and tired the whole day. If not treated properly can have severe effects like

Mental Suffering

Poor immune system

Memory loss

Heart failure

Sleep apnea treatments include medical assistance, devices, and surgery. With the help of some simple remedies and change in lifestyle will increase the amount of sleep and quality.

Remedies For Reducing Sleep Apnea
Remedies For Reducing Sleep Apnea

Healthy Weight: A Good Tip For Reducing Sleep Apnea

It is found in peoples who are overweight. Obesity can increase the risk of oxygen supply obstruction in the upper body and narrow nasal passages. These will cause you to stop breathing during sleep and suddenly wake up.

To avoid sleep apneas issue, you should maintain a healthy weight. It will eliminate the cause of sleep apnea. It can be achieved by upper chest surgery to reduce obesity, which will clear your passage and avoid these conditions. If you again gain weight than chances of having it will increase.

Yoga: A Sleep Apnea Reduction Tip

Daily exercise benefits you in various ways, and it will help you improve your energy, stamina; maintain heart rate, and other sleeping disorders. Yoga breathing exercises will provide strength to your respiratory strength and increase oxygen flow.

It is caused due to interrupted or short supply of oxygen in your body. Yoga will help you to increase the oxygen level by different breathing exercise. It will help you to improve your quality of sleep.

Sleep Position

Changing your sleep position will also reduce symptoms and improve the quality of your sleep. In many cases, it was found that sleep position is a major cause for sleep apnea.

Sleeping on your back is the worst position and increases the risk of sleep apnea. It can also cause snoring and obstruct the flow of oxygen through your airways. In some cases, sleeping on your side will reduce the symptoms. You should check the best sleeping position and consult with your doctor to avoid the sleeping issues.

Remedies For Reducing Sleep Apnea
Remedies For Reducing Sleep Apnea


Humidifiers are devices which are used to increase air moisture. Less moisture contains air will cause irritation to your body and affect the respiratory system. With the use of a humidifier, it will help to open your airways and allow clear breathing.

You can also add scents to have calm and soothing benefits.

Healthy Lifestyle

Your habits and lifestyle also affect your sleeping pattern. These are some of the home remedies which help you to reduce your symptoms. Sometimes medical treatment and surgery are required to cure these conditions.

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